Fixed appliances

Fixed appliances are probably the most common type of orthodontic appliances in use today. They consist of small brackets that are attached onto the front surface of the teeth with a dental adhesive. The brackets are then connected with a thin wire which is often held in place with elastic (sometimes coloured) loops. There are various types of fixed appliance systems available ranging from metal brackets to clear (aesthetically pleasing) brackets. They enable the orthodontist to accurately move the teeth into the desired position. The orthodontist has more control over the position of the teeth with fixed appliances than can be achieved with removable appliances or removable aligners.

Fixed appliance orthodontic treatment usually lasts for 20 months depending upon the severity of the orthodontic problem and the scope of the proposed orthodontic treatment. Most patients will need to attend our practice for regular appointments (usually every 8 weeks) for the appliance to be adjusted.

Once the active phase of the orthodontic treatment has been completed, the majority of patients are provided with retainers in order to maintain the finished result. Retainers can be removable or fixed onto the tongue-side of the teeth. Failure to wear or maintain retainers as instructed is likely to result in the teeth becoming more crooked and crowded as they try to move back to their pre-treatment position. The ideal period for therapy with fixed appliances is after the emergence of molars, which is an indicative age of 13 years. However, if the previous conditions are met, a fixed appliance can be worn in the fourth and fifth decade of life. Throughout orthodontic treatment it is essential to maintain an excellent standard of oral hygiene and dental health (through careful dietary control) as advised by the team at Dental Clinic Kovacevic.



Clear Smile Aligner

ClearSmile Aligner is a clear removable cosmetic appliance designed to straighten your front 6-8 teeth. Clear Smile Aligner technology can straighten teeth that are crowded, rotated, tilted forward or backwards using exact impressions taken by a dentist. They are smooth, comfortable and almost invisible, and so you’ll find that you forget you are even wearing braces. You can enjoy laughing, smiling and normal interactions without the worries normally associated with the more obvious fixed braces. When eating or cleaning your teeth or aligners, you can simply take them out – quick and easy, whenever you like.

You will be able to see the results before you start using our Archwize simulations and, once the result is approved, the custom-made ClearSmile Aligners are fabricated using the latest in 3D printing technology.

Šta dobijate sa korištenjem ortofolije-a:

  • folije su neprimjetne za okolinu,
  • jednostavno se održavaju,
  • lako se skidaju prije konzumacije hrane i pića,
  • kontrolni pregledi kraće traju,
  • ne iritiraju sluznicu,
  • pružaju potpuni komfor pri nošenju.